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Neo-surrealism Art Gallery - official website of the popular computer graphic artist George Grie. The gallery presents iconic modern surrealist dreams such as dark gothic, inspirational romanticism, famous digital surrealism artworks, and fine-art paintings. Giclee prints and posters, limited editions, desktop wallpapers, and framed art pictures for sale.
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Eye of the Hurricane or Silence is Deceitful-2
Post-tribulation Rapture or Seventh Horseman of Apocalypse
Walking on Water or Correlation of Dreams and Reality
Yin & Yang Sanctuary or Pass to Inner Peace
Valkyrie Phantom or Optical Illusion of Face or Battlefield Vision
Subliminal Message or Optical Illusion of Conscious Perception
Confluence or Mindful State of Meditation
Autumn of the Patriarch or Unfathomable Awe of Alchemist Solitude
Guided Meditation or Path to Fractal World Enlightenment
The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (Reminiscence), surrealism
Red Eye of Despair or Romantic Jealousy Desolation, surrealism
surrealism art, Angels and Demons: Spirit of Repentance and Hope black-white
surrealism art, Snowfall in Parallel Universe or the One That Got Away
surrealism art,Angels and Demons: Spirit of Repentance and Hope color version
surrealism art, The 5th Element or Pseudo Esoteric Cosmology
 surrealism, Castle in the Sky or Clouds of Shattered Dreams

surrealism, The Sky is the Limit or False Illusions and Imagination Duplicity
surrealism, Self Reincarnation or Regression of the Past Life
Valkyrie Phantom or Optical Illusion of Face or Battlefield Vision
surrealism, Inadvertent Metamorphosis or King of my Castle
surrealism, Kiss of Eros or Angels and Demons
surrealism, Hammer of God or Inevitability Clockhammer
surrealism, Stairway to Heaven vs. Stairwell to Hell
Spirit of Zodiac Astrology or Angel of Stars

Path to Fractal World Enlightenment
Spiritual Renascence or Entombed Soul Revival
Frankenstein or Apparition of Hitler and Teutonic Knights on a Cliff
surrealism, Against All Odds or Crusader Battle on the Ice
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Neo-Surrealism or Neosurrealism is the name that was given to the re-emergence of the celebrated surrealism art genre in the late 1970s. Originally, the movement focused on relating surrealist art with pop-art, but lately contemporary surrealist artists have been exploring other directions within the still undefined movement.

For an extended period of time Neosurrealism was named modern surrealism art and/or fantasy art due to a noticeable visual similarity of these fine-art movements. Nevertheless, the new trend exists and the core difference between two surrealist styles is that Neosurrealism does not have the original idea of freedom from rational controls or psychic automatism declared by Andre Breton, in his Manifestoes of Surrealism. In regards to the Fantasy art which depicts mysterious or magic themes and creatures or settings, neo-surrealists do not generally portray dragons, unicorns, and sorcerers.

I would define Neosurrealism as a combined imagery of dreams and fantasies or subconscious visions based on the individual philosophical and/or religious views in fine-art painting, digital-art graphic, and photography. Newest computer technologies brought tons of additional depicting power to contemporary artists. Neosurrealism does not have a particular founder or group. The movement is still not clearly defined. Even Wikipedia's editors removed the initial Neosurrealism article from the database. However, neo surreal art develops rapidly adding more professional and amateur enthusiasts every day.

There are literally thousands of contemporary surrealist artists, digital and classic fine art media galleries that create and support neo-surrealistic artwork practices. Visionary Art enthusiasts claim crossing the physical world and depicting a wider vision of consciousness including spiritual, or mystical themes. Some artists apply spiritual practices, and get inspiration from psychedelic and psychotic experiences. Fantastic Realism art explores spirituality, imagination, grotesque, mysterious visions, depicts the inner life, mythology, occultism and mysticism.

There are more art trends such as Neo-romanticism, Dream Art, New Gothic, Art of Imagination, etc. which are all analogous to Neosurrealism. Time will sort out everything, will it not?
George Grie, comments 2003

Russian translation: show →
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