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Artworks used for CD/Vinyl album covers.
Show · Hide Presented below is a collection of some of the CD cover artworks. George Grie's pictures have been displayed on numerous rock music posters, vinyl/compact CD sleeves, and other illustration inserts. George does not generally make commissioned artworks and designs for commercial products. All designs presented have been exclusively and/or exclusively licensed or have George Grie's permission to be used.
The numerous rock music styles of the bands below are - Alternative. Britpop. Post-Britpop. Grunge. Post-grunge. Indie rock&pop. Dunedin Sound. Post-punk revival. Metal. Extreme. Black. Death. Doom. Thrash. Glam. Grindcore. Industrial. Metalcore. Nu. Power. Progressive. Psychedelic. Punk. Anarcho. Folk. Hardcore. Post-hardcore. Emo. Screamo.

CD cover-art Maestitia 2024
2024 France
CD cover-art Final Vortex 2024
Final Vortex
2024 Germany
CD cover-art Rachel Mother Goose, Hideshi Ueki 2021 Japan
Rachel Mother Goose
Hideshi Ueki 2021 Japan
2018, EP, Italian power/progressive metal band
Vision Divine
Angel of Revenge EP
2018 Italy
CD cover-art 2022 UK  classic rock
White Heat
Perfect Storm
2022 UK
CD cover-art 2021 Unblack​/​Industrial​/​Gothic Metal
Final Vortex
Knights of the Unblack
2021 Germany

CD cover-art 2019 Thrash, Death, Black, and Gothic Metal.
The Last Falling
2019 Germany
New single by critically acclaimed melodic prog rock band Stuckfish
The Bridge
2019 UK
CD cover-art 2017 Italian  classic pianist and composer, who has been graduated from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome.
Alessandro Evangelisti
2017 Italy
CD cover-art 2023 ​/​Industrial​/​Gothic Metal
Edward Reekers
Liberty Project
2023 Denmark
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CD cover-art 2017 Arago, the flying dutchmen, Rock music band
The Flying Dutchmen
2017 Austria
Unpublished CD cover concept
Aria, concept
The Curse of the Sea
2018 Russia
CD cover-art 2017 Maestitia, Melodic Black/Death, France Rock music band
Blood Tears
2017 France
CD cover-art 2020 Unblack​/​Industrial​/​Gothic Metal
Final Vortex
Fall of the Dragon King
2020 Germany

CD cover-art 2016 London Symphony Orchestra & Predrag Gosta UK/USA/Germany Rock music band
London Symphony
2016 UK/USA/Germany
CD cover-art 2016 KEN SNYDER INSTRUMENTAL GUITARIST, Dysfunctional Order upcoming CD, scheduled for release US Rock music band
Dysfunctional Order
2016 US
CD cover-art 2015 Molly Ramone, Glacier, USA Rock music band
Moly Ramone
2017 US
UPF, concept
Planetary Overload
2018 Australia
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CD cover-art Uriah Heep legend Ken Hensley & Live FireWONDERWORLD, UK/Norway Rock music band
Live Fire
2015 UK/Norway
CD cover-art MHD 2014 Mad Hatter's Den Second Album &EP, Untitled yet; Finland Rock music band
Mad Hatter's Den
2014 Finland
CD cover-art 2016 Northanger, Debut CD, scheduled for release Canada Rock music band
Debut CD, concept
2016 Canada
DVD CD cover-art Recorded live at The Fridge, London, 1991. Gongmaison, Gong is a progressive rock band
Live At The Fridge
2008 London

CD cover-art Arc Angel Harlequins of light, Frontiers/Universal USA, Exlusive license Rock music band
Arc Angel
Harlequins of light
2013 US
CD cover-art Dawn of Destiny, Rebellion In Heaven, Germany Rock music band
Dawn of Destiny
Rebellion In Heaven
2008 Germany
CD cover-art Drifta & The Bleeding Stones Let The Stones Bleed - Debut E.P Release, Australia, 2014 Rock music band
Drifta &
The Bleeding Stones
2014 Australia
CD cover-art WINTERBURST The Mind Cave 2012, Winterburst 2009, France Rock music band
The Mind Cave
2012 France
Tetramorph (Remastered​)​(​Industrial Dirty Noise​/​Ambient​/​Gothic Metal) CD cover-art Mad Hatter's Den Stone Cold Flame; Finland Rock music band CD cover-art Mad Hatter's Den
DARK WHEEL EP, Finland Rock music band CD cover-art The Bishop of Hexen - Deathmasks, Israel Rock music band CD cover-art Magellan: Inert Momentum, unfinished CDconcept, USA Rock music band
CD cover-art Voyager: The meaning of I, Australia Rock music band CD cover-art Valkyries: Gods and Heroes,USA Rock music bandCD cover-art Mad Hatter's Den
Stone Cold Flame, Finland Rock music bandCD cover-art Winter In Eden, At the Edge of the World EP, UK Rock music bandCD cover-art Voyager: I am the revolution, Australia Rock music band
CD cover-art KAYAK Letters From Utopia, Denmark Rock music bandEndoras - The Dark Legacy, CD cover, Swiss band Release: 19/11/2011, Out of Switzerland,  Rock music bandCD cover-art Magellan track, Good to Go 2013 USA Rock music bandCD cover-art WINTERBURST, Winterburst, France Rock music bandCD cover-art LALO HUBER - Lost in Kali Yuga, Argentina Rock music band
CD cover-art Manager, World Dish, Russia Rock music bandCD cover-art Gert Emmens, A Boy's world, Denmark Rock music bandCD cover-art Dawn of Destiny, unused CDconsept, Praying to the world, Germany  Rock music bandyoutube video cover-art 2010 Lost in the North, Folk-Viking Metal - Canada Nordheim bandCD cover-art Winter In Eden: Awakening, UK Rock music band
CD Album Covers Art, Posters, Illustrations, Concept Design by George Grie
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Art posters and framed prints by fineartamerica
CD cover-art 2020 Unblack​/​Industrial​/​Gothic MetalCD cover-art 2006 Germany Genre:Electronic, RockStyle:Modern Classical, Goth Rock, Darkwave CD cover-art Rock music band CD cover-art Harstad Progressive Rock Ensemble, unpublished, Norway Rock music band CD cover-art Confusi Ricordi di un Viandante Immemore 2007, Italy
CD cover-art Loran Zaes Epic Elegies 2015 CD cover-art Rock / Alternative / Hard Rock. The new album Dark Angel is the latest offering CD cover-art  A kLoKwErK kAoS, Hum's Fork USA Rock music band CD cover-art Sunroad: Flying N' Floating, Brazil Rock music band

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Presented is a collection of some of the CD cover artworks. George Grie's pictures have been used on more than 50 rock music posters, vinyl/compact CD sleeves, and other illustration inserts. CD Albums Art, Rock Music Posters, CD covers, Illustrations 3d, album, analogue, audio, metal heavy cassette, cd, compact, computer, device, digital, disc, disk, dvd, entertainment, hifi, label, laser, listen, magnetic, media, multimedia, music, Vinyl optical, plastic, play Music CD Album Covers Art, Posters, Illustrations, Concept Design by George Grie
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