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Ascension (Black Sabbath dedicated) Jesus Christ resurrection. Neosurrealism Art is a collection of the latest surrealism prints & posters of modern 3d surrealist artist.

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Romantic Neosurrealism Art Gallery - official website of the famous computer graphic artist George Grie. The gallery presents modern surrealist gothic, inspirational romanticism, digital surrealism artworks, and fine-art paintings. Giclee prints and posters, limited editions, desktop wallpapers, and framed art pictures for sale.
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Ascension (Jesus Christ resurrection) - Modern Surrealism Picture, Limited Edition Prints by George Grie. Keywords, Black Sabbath, dementors, low angle view, superstar religion, christianity, crucifix historical, interiorDome, skylights, architecture stone, view from below, cathedral, space, symbol, flying
Ascension (Black Sabbath dedicated)

Jesus Christ poster print - 3D Art Fantasy desktop wallpaper Pictures The Ascension of Jesus
The Jesus Christ Ascension is the capstone of the life of Jesus, made up of three events, which include de final departure of Jesus from earth, his going up into heaven, and the taking of his place at the right hand of the Father. Forty days after his Resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven by his own power in the presence of his disciples, taking his place at the right hand of the Father, the place he had from eternity, but from now on as a Man-God. and, on top of it, his promise of Pentecost, and the promise of the angels of his Second Coming.

For a Christian, the Jesus Christ Ascension is the climax of his life in Christ: Jesus, in his Ascension, is the first fruits, a pledge to our glorification and still more: When Jesus went up to Heaven, he did not go to a far place. Heaven is where Jesus is. If Jesus is in you, the whole Heaven is in your heart, right now!, including the Father and the Holy Spirit, and the Blessed mother, and all the angels and saints. because where Jesus is, there is the Father and the Spirit, and where Jesus is, there is the Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints.

A Christian is living all of this right now, temporarily, and in faith. but after his death, it will be the "end of times" for him, the end of time and space, which it is what it means the "end of times", because in the eternity there is no time nor space, "one day is a like thousand years, and a thousand years is like one day. the Christian will be ascended into Heaven in body and soul, glorified with Jesus for eternity, praise the Lord. Jesus Christ resurrection.

Black Sabbath is an English heavy metal band.
Black Sabbath has a unique sound that emerged from diverse influences. By 1973, the group was one of the most popular heavy metal bands in the world, and was a major concert attraction. Their next release, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, saw the band working with Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman. The album contains some of the best-known Black Sabbath material. Along with the title track, the album also included the space-rock styled, "Spiral Architect," and the prog-rock inspired, "A National Acrobat." By this time, the band was heavily addicted to drugs and Osbourne and Ward supposedly took LSD every day for two years. Towards the end of Osbourne's tenure in 1978, he was so embroiled in drugs that he claims he was "very unhappy and got drunk and stoned every day". Many of the band's songs address drugs, both explicitly and implicitly.

The band was suffering major management problems. The management problems and then a label change in the UK from Vertigo to WWA disrupted the release schedule of the band's new album while the band was still with Warner Brothers in the US and Canada. Despite the troubles, Sabotage was released in 1975 with continued success. However, drug problems, continued experimentation in their music style (Gregorian chants and a chorale of monks highlighted "Supertzar"), the hard rock scene's changing environment, and some internal issues were affecting the stability and output of the band.

Technical Ecstasy (1976) turned out to be a commercial failure. The album was laden with symphony orchestras, synthesizers, and vocals from drummer Bill Ward following a brief departure from Osbourne during the recording sessions. After the 1977 tour, Ozzy Osbourne stopped turning up at band rehearsals and the remaining band members recorded some music with singer Dave Walker, formerly of Fleetwood Mac. Osbourne returned to the band before recording the album, Never Say Die released in 1978, by far the band's most experimental release, and the album-contained elements of many genres. Like the previous album, its sales were poor. Due to internal conflicts and an evident lack of commitment, Ozzy Osbourne was asked to leave the band in 1979.

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