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Romantic Picnic of Recipe for Two, Table still-life Ice landscape man woman cold ocean frozen architecture mystic tranquil, frost scenery male female icy sea ice-covered gentleman lady magic calm, hoarfrost background construction freezing the deep unmoving design spiritualist serene., Modern art surrealism prints posters wallpapers
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Digital Currents: Art in the Electronic Age, Book by Margot Lovejoy; Routledge, 2004 Subjects: Computer Art--United States, Postmodernism--United States, Technology And The Arts, Video Art--United States

Digital Currents explores the growing impact of digital technologies on aesthetic experience and examines the major changes taking place in the role of the artist as social communicator. Margot Lovejoy recounts the early histories of electronic media for art making - video, computer, the internet - in the new edition of this richly illustrated book. She provides a context for the works of major artists in each media, describes their projects, and discusses the issues and theoretical implications of each to create a foundation for understanding this developing field. Digital Currents fills a major gap in our understanding of the relationship between art and technology, and the exciting new cultural conditions we are experiencing. It will be ideal reading for students taking courses in digital art, and also for anyone seeking to understand these new creative forms.

George Grie,  March 1997
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image tags: Table still-life Ice landscape man woman cold ocean frozen architecture mystic tranquil, frost scenery male female icy sea ice-covered gentleman lady magic calm, hoarfrost background construction freezing the deep unmoving design spiritualist serene.
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tracy long / Jun 9th

Hi your work is so good, was wondering if any of those 3 designs can be done as a tattoo design, would love to put one of them on my husbands back, i guess i could buy one of you, and go to a good tatoo artist, would i be aloud to do one of these, thanks

Rebecca / May 14th

My client is interested in some of George Grie work and I was wondering if I could purchase the rights over his 3D work. Please advice me on the best way possible to make this.

AwesomeZazzler / United States / Jun 29th

Congratulations, your artwork has been selected for an Excellence in Artistic Design Award and is being featured on the front page of the Awesome Zazzlers Gallery.

MARK WORLEIN / United States / Aug 24th

Breath taking are an extremely talented artist,and I cannot wait until I will be able to purchase some of your exquisit have now become one of my favorite artist of all time.truly gifted imagination!

Keekee / Apr 30th

that is very nice i would love ti set a romantic evenin on there

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