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Ghost ship series: The lost expedition, Iceberg mountain snow arctic Ghost ships phantom snowcaps boat supernatural, tall ship art model siling photos, spirit vessel, sailboat romantic mystery realistic, silhouette, light sea ocean, sky, surrealism solitude, water sunrise sunset, isolation, surreal inspiring Ice mass snowscape frozen., Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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This image was originally created as a background scene for the Mindscape artwork. However, I have decided to separate it from this project and give it another life as part of my ghost ship series. I had to adjust its colour scheme and add some appropriate elements.
This picture was inspired by Captain Sir John Franklin's lost expedition to the Northwest Passage that departed from England in 1845. This expedition, consisting of two fully equipped ships and 129 men, tragically vanished in the Arctic ice. John Franklin was an experienced explorer and a renowned Royal Navy officer, and this voyage was meant to be his fourth and the grandest. Over the next 150 years the mystery surrounding John Franklin’s death and his failed expedition will be haunting historians and explorers alike. There is not a definite answer to the reason of their deaths: some of the evidence (i.e. crew members’ graves on Beechey Island) suggests that they died of pneumonia, tuberculosis and scurvy, while other clearly indicates lead and food poisoning. Cut marks on human bones found on King Island have been interpreted as signs of cannibalism. No one has been able to put all the puzzles of this tragedy together yet, and this expedition continues to sail through history as well as our imaginations.

The seeming serenity of the picture is being doubted by overhanging ominous skies closing up a tiny opening in-between icy cliffs. What is awaiting a curious ship on the other side of the passage? Franklin’s expedition. To be discovered.
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The Lost Expedition artwork lillustrates Videnskab Historie - Illustrated History, School Textbook, Denmark. 2013 March, Bonnier Publications, De Erobrede Verden, the conquering of the world textbook. Bonnier Publications is the largest publisher of popular magazines. Among the best-known magazines are Illustrated Science, The Shape and History, Active Training, Digital Photo, Do It Yourself, Komputer for all, National Geograph, etc.

Software media: Adobe Photoshop ®, Adobe Illustrator ®, Autodesk 3ds Max ®, Planetside Terragen ®, Photo Stock, Paint Shop Pro Photo ®,

George Grie,  September 2008
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image tags: Iceberg mountain snow arctic Ghost ships phantom snowcaps boat supernatural, tall ship art model siling photos, spirit vessel, sailboat romantic mystery realistic, silhouette, light sea ocean, sky, surrealism solitude, water sunrise sunset, isolation, surreal inspiring Ice mass snowscape frozen.
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Glad I Did / United States / May 16th

Saw one of these on a website and had to track down the rest. Beautiful work!

gunslinger19 / Poland / Oct 26th

Quintessence of Poe, Lovecraft and Bulwer-Lytton in 4 beautiful pictures. Thankee, sai, for Your creation.

marco / Italy / Aug 25th

Hi!Your project is beautiful,I studied digital design softwares like photoshop,illustrator,but I didn't realize which software you use for your works,could you give me a little advice please? Great projects and great ideas anyway! Bye from italy! Marco

sacwu12 / United Kingdom / Apr 7th

I think these pictuers are amazing, awsome , and wow!!

shabihan / Malaysia / Dec 30th

i'm a student in USM, studying in Design & New Media Technology in 2nd year. i just wondering how to create this surrealismart. If you dont mind,please show me some basic guide how to create this type of art. send an e mail on TQ.

Ryan Tweady / United States / Nov 6th

This is the most important and greatest art collection done by humans... i understand every part of it. its the future of reality to be...and it is how to rule a reality,that has good and evil. and its a way to counfound evil or creations by a god.

chetan / India / Nov 4th

great image

Daniel / United Kingdom / Oct 29th

Hi George, I had the experience that your pictures just strike me in this amazing unexplainable way, they connect with me like it was pre-programmed, un an unconscious level. But they're also amazing when examined consciously. Thank you for the art.

Spencer / Oct 14th

I see surrealisms, particular colours, unreal pictures... Some unforgettables surrealists: Joan Mirò (Barcelona, Spain), De Chirico (Volos, Greece), René Magritte (Lessines, Belgium), Amanda Nebiolo (Turin, Italy), Enrico Donati (Pavia, Italy), Marce

Some Guy / Canada / Aug 28th

I love your work, but you still don't cease to amaze me. This is wonderful.

rajamanickam / India / Aug 26th

i want mout screen wallpaper

The BUZZWATER Company / Canada / Jul 28th

First off I would like to say I love your art work. Would like to offer you a marketing opportunity at no cost to you to involving our company. Our product and your art works synergy would blend very well. Wishing you the utmost in health and happiness.

Kris / Poland / Jul 20th

I've got here by mistake but how can you regret this... Majestatic piece of wood in front of icy force of nature... Awesome

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