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Ghost ship series: Full moon rising, Ghost ships pirate phantom boat tall ship art model siling photos, supernatural spirit vessel, Dark sailboat romantic mystery poltergeist painting, silhouette, light sea dusk, sky stars Flying Dutchman, surrealism solitude, ocean water moonlight, isolation, moon Neosurrealism inspiring., Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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It is hardly possible to deny a significant effect that our closest body in space has on the Earth. As subtle as it is, the impact of the Moon can be traced in almost any aspect of life whether it is a formation of tropical hurricanes, change in tidal motion, or rise in admissions to psychiatric hospitals. A lot of reproductive earth cycles correspond with the lunar cycles which have become the corner stones for many religious, astrological, and medicinal practices all over the globe. Full Moons, for example, are traditionally celebrated by Neo-pagans as a monthly Esbat ritual. Full moons are traditionally associated with time-based insanity, insomnia, and various magical phenomena. Etymology of the word “lunatic” or “lunacy” has a reference to Latin name of the Moon and, although scientific research data is not very consistent, suggests strong influence on human behaviour around the time of a full moon.

However, the close connection between the lunar cycle and the oceanic tides is well-established. The gravitational pull of the full moon is spectacularly alluring as the moon drags the phantom ship into its whirling orbit in this picture. The ghost ship phenomenon has existed for centuries, the Flying Dutchman being the most famous ghost ship of all. This ship that eternally sails the sea without hope for docking or eternal peace has been witnessed by people of different generations and ethnicities. Some stories about ghost ships - where a ghost ship is somewhat of an apparition or an optical illusion - are fictional, while others have been substantiated by the existence of real ships that had either disappeared/abandoned or sunk tragically. Among the real ghost ships that can be seen afloat today are the Mary Celeste, Baychimo, MV Joyita, and the Jian Seng.

Modern English defines “ghost ship” in several possible ways but each of them has a component of mysterious circumstances. Historically, the term has been used to report either marine visions in a form of a sailing ship or derelict vessels floating crewless.In fiction, ghost ships have often been vessels crewed by some manner of spectral beings.
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Poem, inspired by 'Full moon rising' picture

Vessel of dreams
let us mount the waves together
free from mortal trivialities
Past whale and gull we glide
to where distance beckons
For we feel the earth rotation
and her sister’s reply in the sky
Moon and tide
forever entangled
in game of magnetic charm
When thunder tortures heaven
spears of light split the night
and rumble echoes in our heart
Call out, shout with glee
to the creatures of the sea
and gather forth spirits lost
For there is no escape
To sail is our destiny

by Marion Driessen Figments of a Dutchess
2008 August. The "Full moon rising" work published in Welt Der Wunder, World of Wonder magazine, Germany. Article "Are there ghost ships in our oceans?" World of Wonder is a popular German science magazine, it complex topics are set by a combination of visual representations, graphs and texts in science. The magazine contains articles on various topics such as art, nature, knowledge, history and research.

(Title Rus) Восход Полной Луны; серия Корабли Призраки

Software media: Adobe Photoshop ®, Adobe Illustrator ®, Autodesk 3ds Max ®, Planetside Terragen ®, Photo Stock, Paint Shop Pro Photo ®,

George Grie,  February 2008
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image tags: Ghost ships pirate phantom boat tall ship art model siling photos, supernatural spirit vessel, Dark sailboat romantic mystery poltergeist painting, silhouette, light sea dusk, sky stars Flying Dutchman, surrealism solitude, ocean water moonlight, isolation, moon Neosurrealism inspiring.
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pelanglang / Indonesia / Dec 17th

Its very very scary when stare at ur ghost ship series and think about me as passengers of that ship. Amazing arts!!!

Elias Sagardia / Spain / Jul 4th

Es una imagen de una belleza oscura y maravillosa. Me ha impresionado profundamente.

Norsejohnson / Norway / Jun 25th

i feel so lost, immersed and thrilled when i look at it *_* it has a dreamy touch to of which i rarely see elsewhere i would LOVE to have it at 2880 x 1800, that would please me very much

Maeva Ghiazza / France / Sep 23rd

Bonjour,je trouve cette image sublime !!! je voudrais savoir s'il m'est possible de l'acheter et à quel prix, car j'ai écrit un livre pirate et l'image correspond tout à fait à mon oeuvre.Si vous pouvez me répondre à cette adresse:maeva.ghiazza@hotm

Marla Singer / United Kingdom / Jun 25th

This is my favorite picture ever. I have been admiring it for a long time now, but just recently found Your other works and this site. Amazing!

S.Holic / Korea / Dec 3rd

I like this type of dissillusional and fantasy imagery

kimotheraphy / Malaysia / Jan 6th

This could almost be called "The Ghost Moon." The moon makes this piece absolutely riveting.

Reuben / Greece / Aug 11th

Im a symphonic-rock musician and a fan of your work. I am planning to issue a CD, and I would like to include some of your drawings in the artwork. It isnot an economic project, just artistic, because physical CDs sell very little today. Is this possible?

Heidrun Guenther / Germany / Jul 18th

I am picture editor for german popular science magazine Welt der Wunder. We are doing a story about Ghost Ships and we would like to use Full moon rising as opener on a double spread. I would apreciate if you let me know asap possible if we can proceed.

April Reece / Canada / Jun 23rd

This is an incredible image! Amazing.

Steve Roberts / United States / Jun 4th

No song or lyrics could represent this INCREDIBLE image... but if they could- they'd be seen at titled: "The Flying Dutchman"

Jaiye / United States / Apr 29th

this painting is gorgeous where words can't even explain how pretty it is

Mike Smith / United Kingdom / Apr 17th

I'd like to purchase a Full Moon Rising print in a 36" tall X 84" wide poster. Is this possible and at what cost? If not are there any other options you could suggest?

Riley Boston / United States / Mar 20th

What I find so capturing about this piece is the effect of dragging you into it. I love your effect of the whispy clouds circling the large moon. Congratulations on a positive overwelming feeling.

TattooTribes / United States / Mar 17th

This is astonishing! I once read a book about ghost ships... the Mary Celeste, the Medusa etc... end this print reminds me of the mystery that cloaked those stories... untold truths and dark secrets... Amazing work!!

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