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Path to Fractal World Enlightenment B&W, Path, Fractals World Enlightenment, meditation, background, concept, creative, curve, digital, dream, esoteric, fantasy, fractal, futuristic, geometry, black, graphic, illustration, magic, mysterious, pattern, psychedelic, sacred, science, shape, space, spiral, surreal, white, world, Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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It seemed appropriate for me to post online the black&white version of the Mindfulness Meditation artwork. The main reason, for which it seems to me it could be interesting, is that the black and white style removes all unnecessary things associated with color, a meditating person, and a sense of space. It leaves only the basis, the ideological concept, so to speak, the work's skeleton. This option is a partially negative and partially positive version of the Meditation work's black and white gradation. This was done to highlight the most significant functions of the world's fractality about which, in general, this picture is all about. - George Grie

The term fractal means consisting of fragments. It was suggested by the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975 to designate self-similar irregular structures. "Can the form, which is determined by a simple equation or a simple construction rule be perceived by people far from geometry as having aesthetic value - namely, at least, surprisingly decorative object or perhaps even as a work of art?" The main result of his scientific works, B. Mandelbrot considered returning to the verb "see" its original meaning. It is a computer technology that made this vision possible at the level of everyday aesthetic practices. As a telescope and a microscope once opened new areas of visible reality in a scientific environment. Fractal optics of vision allow seeing a new order from the chaos of forms, creating new imagery and new rules for generating new meaning.

Mandelbrot noted that "Fractal" as new geometric art, demonstrates a striking similarity with the paintings of old masters or architecture creations. One of the obvious reasons is that both fractals and classical art pieces include many length scales and self-similarity elements. As an example, he quoted engravings by a Japanese artist K. Hokusai. His paintings are the best proof that fractal structures were known to humanity since ancient times, but they were defined only through fine art. For example, a triangle is a fundamental geometric figure of two-dimensional space. If you add only one point, you get a pyramid, which is the basic three-dimensional object. Add one more point at a timeline, and you are getting a moving pyramid in a four-dimensional universe. Triangle is a prevalent form in nature. It is a dynamic, unstable figure that is associated with movement and development. When it is portrayed as a "top-up," it evokes images of permanency and stability. The isosceles triangle is also the simplest fractal object, and the digital color image on the screen is also obtained by mixing three basic colors.

Contemporary fractal research covers all spheres of culture from fine arts to architecture, from literature to cinema, from fashion design to advertising style, and from science to philosophy. Fractal art is not only a computer program based on mathematical rules. The aesthetics of fractal art is associated with fundamentally new imagery, ways of its perception, and going beyond the real world's boundaries. However, the creative key element is the artist who creates the picture with his heart, work, and intellect.*

(Title RUS) Путь к Просветлению Фрактальности Мира, Черно-белый Вариант
Software used: 3ds Max®, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator®, Photo Stock
*Text editor Heather W.W.

George Grie,  January 2018
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image tags: Path, Fractals World Enlightenment, meditation, background, concept, creative, curve, digital, dream, esoteric, fantasy, fractal, futuristic, geometry, black, graphic, illustration, magic, mysterious, pattern, psychedelic, sacred, science, shape, space, spiral, surreal, white, world
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