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Panic Attack or Anxiety PTSD, Crashing Wave visionary modern surrealism ocean water desert train, neo-surrealism sea stream wasteland locomotive, wilderness steam engine, aquatic watercourse badlands, engine, magical the supernatural , machine smoke, train fear escape surge, wagons anxiety spurt flood, monochromeSurreal motivational, Surrealist George Grie artwork, reproduction print original, official author inspirational poster, Modern surrealism art prints posters wallpapers 3d
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Panic attacks are as unforeseen and overwhelming as a tsunami and as detrimental for one’s health as periods of absolute drought in a desert. The heart races like a steam engine trying to outrun the inevitable roller of emotional despair and incapacity in the face of the unexplainable terror. Panic attacks, most of the time abrupt and intense by nature, may be associated with numerous symptoms including shortness of breath, hyperventilation, excessive sweating, sensations of choking, and extreme heart palpitations. Although frequently these episodes occur without an obvious reason, psychologists claim that the origin of panic attacks lies within a rudimentary fight-or-flight bodily response to danger.

During a panic attack, a large amount of adrenaline is generally released into the bloodstream. Panic attacks can flag an anxiety disorder, panic disorder or other mental condition, but they can also appear on their own. The average duration of a panic attack, according to the American Psychological Association, is about 10 minutes. A lot of people who have experienced a panic attack describe it as the worst, most terrifying feeling of their lives, as if they were losing their mind or choking to death.

Stress can be described as inability of the organism to respond to any given situation adequately and retain homeostasis – in other words equilibrium or balance – of the system. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) defines an acute and prolonged emotional response to a severe psychological trauma. Any significant traumatic event can trigger PTSD: death of a loved one, physical threat, serious injury, psychological shock, etc. It is important, however, to distinguish PTSD from traumatic stress. These conditions are somewhat common in underlying reasons but differ in intensity and duration. Hysteria was once related to "traumatic reminiscences" also. At the beginning of the 20th century Sigmund Freud's student - patient, Abram Kardiner, came to see that traumatic neurosis at war could destroy the adaptive capacity of an individual. Thus, he was the first to introduce the symptoms of a post-traumatic stress disorder into the scientific community.

The best compliment to an artist contemplating on such an elusive topic as panic attacks is to hear “I know the feeling” feedback from viewers. It means that the snapshot of an idea has been successful. There’s nothing personal in this image as I was merely trying to reflect someone else’s emotional state.

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George Grie,  June 2007
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image tags: Crashing Wave visionary modern surrealism ocean water desert train, neo-surrealism sea stream wasteland locomotive, wilderness steam engine, aquatic watercourse badlands, engine, magical the supernatural , machine smoke, train fear escape surge, wagons anxiety spurt flood, monochromeSurreal motivational, Surrealist George Grie artwork, reproduction print original, official author inspirational poster
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KARINA / Argentina / Apr 28th


Christopher J. Ferguson, Ph.D. / United States / Mar 4th

I am writing because I will be giving a Tedx talk on fears of technology for my university (Stetson University) in a few weeks. One of my slides mentions fears about locomotives back when they were being introduced in the mid 19th century.

John R / United States / Jan 21st

I am in Need of Cover 'Artwork', I am Keenly Interested in Your PANIC ATTACK Painting(Featuring the Train)I Happen to Have a Song Called "Midnight Train"... and I Believe Your Painting fits the Motif of the Song. Musician/Songwriter(Huge Deep Purple fun!

Jason / Canada / Oct 16th

Awesome work! Came across your art through google images. I'm looking for this kind of art work to implement into my youtube video talks on the metaphysical. My channel:

Lollylee / United States / Sep 16th

I found this art while researching Anxiety for a presentation. I suffer with GAD, PTSD and Panic Attacks. This image is an Awesome portrayal of how I feel when one strikes. Thank you for giving a visual to express the feelings- Now others will know

Jayde Onori / United States / Apr 3rd

this inspired me for my art project. :) that's an epic piece rite there

bluebird / United States / Jan 20th

I love the artwork these people do, I wish I could take a clas on how to make beautiful pics like that.

Chandler / United States / May 14th

Hi! I am doing a class presentation on neo-surrealsim in California, and i am wanting to use your "Panic Attack", but i am in need of a explination on why you painted eaither one of those..feelings about u got the idea..etc.

Mark Sean / Feb 5th

I have written a book with the subject matter of "How to cure yourself of Panic Attacks" and I would love to post "Panic Attacks" by George Grie on page 3 of the book as a prelude to the beginning of the content in the book.

Panic Attack Reviews / United States / Nov 23rd

A collection of panic attack medicine and treatments are developed and marketed around the world. However, it is always up to the consumers’ sensitive eye whether to avail of such scientifically-tested medical breakthroughs or use any such claimed-to-be

Cindy Bekkers / Denmark / Oct 9th

I am making a website for my psychologist centre. I would like to put this work on our website, together with the information about anxiety and panic disorder. It really explaines what happens to someone who has a panic attack or who experiences anxiety.

Mike / Australia / Aug 5th

Amazing artwork! You have put an interesting spin on the theme of anxiety and panic with this piece. As a long-time sufferer, there is certainly something there that I can relate to.

Awesome Zazzler / United States / Jun 24th

Congratulations, your artwork has been selected for an Excellence in Artistic Design Award and is being featured on the front page of the Awesome Zazzlers Gallery.

Joe Barry / Israel / Jun 23rd

As a person who suffered from anxiety issues, i find your work to be outstanding and almost a throw back to the dark days of my youth. This is highly talented stuff.

Laura Panic / South Africa / Jun 11th

Amazing artwork!

Carlos / Brazil / Jun 5th

Your work is wonderful! Thanks for this beauty!

Angel Andrew / United States / Jul 23rd

I truly enjoyed and understand the meaning of this piece. I myself suffer from PTSD, and when I saw your picture I was able to associate how it feels to be me. Thank You!

caiez / Malaysia / Jul 11th

WOW W W W W W W W Wieee... congratz in translating d pics into words...

Rochelle, India / India / Jun 5th

Very accurate title to this work of art. The unforeseen action of the waters reclaiming the dessicated land it has lost is quite a sight.

jaz / Apr 29th

very nice and the story matches the scene of ur painting good job

John Ridman / United States / Mar 20th

I visit here from time to time to get lost and enjoy the beautiful art work. Thank you so much for sharing with us. This is what I was lookin for. Awsome stuff. My new favorite artist.

pinellas / United States / Mar 18th

Extremely accurate amd also frightening how this piece portrays it's title-100percent!Now if there wasn't this title. I wouldn't find anything extraordinary about it but still COOL!

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