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Angels and Demons or Angel of Mercy , Fallen Angel demon religion faith skull death Angels Deities, spirits and mythic beings Judeo-Christian, religions New Age Hebrew Bible landscape skies, unexplained magical the supernatural Spiritual, religious sacred divine Monster creature Dark mystical dangerous, Surrealistic phantasmagoric Tranquil calm serene., Modern art surrealism prints posters wallpapers
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The Angel of Mercy is meant to be the most compassionate and caring of all angels. His gentle radiating nature leaves no place for any hidden agenda as he embraces the suffering and soothes pain. But there is a definite duality in his image: he is also portrayed as a Grim Reaper being the last spirit that everyone sees before death. His task is to end the pain and bring souls back home, to the Kingdom of God. However, this controversy can only be seen on Earth as the distinction between good or bad angels only applies to human world. The battlefield of two equal principles is restricted to human confines where the inferiority of the Evil One’s characteristics is traditionally predetermined.
Angels and Demons or Kiss of Eros
Angels and Demons or Angel of Mercy
Angels and Demons or Angel of Light
Angels and Demons or Angel of Infinity

It is interesting that the existing connotation of a term “fallen angel” doesn’t hold water: fallen originally meant “descended from Heavens”. This overall attitude to fallen, or dark, angels as castaways from Heavens for rebellious actions against God seems to have been adopted by the majority of Christians. However, it is forgotten that these actions were possible because angels were granted free will in the first place. Rebellion typically included either sufficient doubt in God’s motives or rejection of the system.

Angel of Mercy’s concept has found its way into argot of industrialists and criminals. As an industry term it is used to describe a powerful company in a process of absorbing smaller, weaker companies for a greater good and massive prosperity. When it comes to criminal world, the major principle remains: angel of mercy finds himself in a position to decide whether the victim lives or dies and how the victim dies.

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George Grie,  March 2008
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image tags: Fallen Angel demon religion faith skull death Angels Deities, spirits and mythic beings Judeo-Christian, religions New Age Hebrew Bible landscape skies, unexplained magical the supernatural Spiritual, religious sacred divine Monster creature Dark mystical dangerous, Surrealistic phantasmagoric Tranquil calm serene.
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HPMB / United States / Nov 20th

Love your work, I am an occult author and Priestess of the occult. We call her Saint Death. Some refer to her as Santa Muerte.

Bobby Glaziers / United Kingdom / Nov 9th

Very Unusual piece, looks like a very dark piece of art. Horsham Glaziers

churchill / Cameroon / Sep 26th

i wish to be a member so what are the possibilities of that because I've got greater ambitions?

Akil Alonzo / Canada / Dec 29th

I really love the picture. I would like to get a tattoo of it. Not sure how I can get in contact with the artist. Anybody have any suggestions. If the artist would like to get in contact with me, he can e-mail me at

April Rain / May 26th

This is so cool but I like thier other one better, but this is so dark and cool I love it. I mark it my second faverit

Lickm / Virgin Islands (US) / May 4th

i like it when the red water comes out

Bumble Bee / Afghanistan / May 4th

where are all the other pics

Alyssa jayde / Feb 10th

Brilliant sir, you are absolutely brilliant i have been scouring the internet for months seeking inspiration for a tattoo piece i have in mind an BAM here you are to satiate my thirst for well done art i thank you keep it up man you got this goin on

Ammunet / United States / Dec 28th

Very scary but very beautiful I am deeply empressed

ali mohamed / United Arab Emirates / Nov 22nd

this one is so.. deep, it makes me wonder!

adina / United States / Sep 17th

I'm just me

Guest / Indonesia / Sep 9th

Gothe !, This Site is Amazing !

Aline Pedreira / Sep 29th

I’m swept away!

cosku / Turkey / Aug 21st

This image catches and holds my attention very well. I love it! - fantastic job.

gus osorio / United States / Aug 17th

this image is kind of weird but astonishing beatiful if you see it as work of art

Jazzmen / United States / Apr 29th

this picture is very scary but very artistic and beautiful to me

TattooTribes / United States / Mar 29th

I think I should try and close my mouth sooner or later, but this image got me totally astonished and stuck... Incredible piece of work. Your visionary talent never fails to make me wreck in awe... hats off to you...

MonsterNight / Belgium / Mar 27th

Angels and Demons - you have some serious talent... ive been looking for this kind of art for a long time now hey... im in a black metal band and well we need artwork like this hey its amazing... thank you man this is beyond awesome lol

Piter Stiller / United States / Mar 21st

as a fan of HR Giger and Dali it is refreshing to see art (modern) in a similar vain.while some people do not like to be compared to other artists, i mean this as the best compliment that i can give.looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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